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    A team of young and vibrant professional enthusiasts willing to empower small and medium sized companies to build a better brand strategy through Branding Consulting and Creative Design for public relation and marketing. We also consult for branding corporate and domestic events... We design anything you want... Find out more!

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    Branding Consulting

    Branding Consulting is all about helping companies establish themselves as a Brand and crate Brand Awareness in the audience they target. Find out more!

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    The Advantage

    At CANDID, we strive to lead with an edge in the aspects of creativity and innovation in promoting varied ideas for branding and design, including promotional campaigns, creatives and other marketing material. We translate these ideas, innovations and creativity into value for our customers through branding consulting.

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    We consult in Branding for

    • Small to Medium Sized Corporate Companies
    • Premium Events
    • Premium Local Businesses
    • Premium Educational Institutions
    • Elite Freelance professionals.
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    Time to Create!

    There is no limit when it is the right time to Create! Just browse through our detailed portfolio. See more!

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    What about competition?

    Like every consulting space, even we have immense competition! One thing we love to have is competitors. We do not believe in taking out competition by any means because without competition, we would be nothing and we believe creativity dies and monotony settles in when there is no competition. We love competition and our competitors because they help us in making ourselves so much better!

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    Back to work...

    It gives us the feeling of a TRIUMPH when a Client benefits from our work. Take a look at our latest and esteemed Clientele. Nothing looks better this season. Find out more!

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When you come to us, you will find for sure that our concepts are totally creative and unique. We do not use same concepts even for clients in the same market space. We build custom concepts based on your target market space and audience.


We guarantee the perfect conceptualization for your ideas and dreams! We help you realize your company as a brand that your customers identify uniquely.


We guarantee the perfect Client experience! Our Clients are our asset and we work creatively in supporting their needs in branding and design with our expertise.

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    Nothing looks hotter than our latest collection of Shirts, Caps, Jeans and Sneakers. Just visit our online shop and pick your favorites from our brands and colors.

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Free Shipping For the originals

Free ShippingIf the set of creatives are huge in size, we can burn it on a DVD send it out to you for free!

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You need Us If..

Do you need excellent ideas and concepts to build the identity of your brand?

You Need Us If...

You want to be successful in growing your company or making your events successful by building a better brand strategy and identity!

You need Us If...

Do you need creatives to market your brand or events?
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